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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Dear Abby . . . " Gets Larry Flynt's Opinion On Porn. No, Really.

Gotta love this. Dear Abby consults Larry Flynt (!) on an issue of pornology. (NSFW -- duh!)

It was inevitable, as porn goes mainstream, that it would come up in polite conversation, and as arbiter of all things advicey, Dear Abby naturally couldn’t help advise someone who had a porn question.

Basically, it was the typical “Why do men like porn so much?” question women ask, as if there was one right answer. The venerable Mr. Flynt rose about the temptation to make a cheap shot or a joke and gave the industry-respected and approved answer:

Men like porn so much because we like to look at naked chicks (we’re more visually stimulated). Women like written erotica because they like to read about rich, successful vampires/werewolves with giant dicks and billions in the bank – but who only have eyes for the slightly-nerdy-but-irresistible-to-everyone heroine.

Dear Abby deferred to Flynt’s judgment on the matter, as well she should. But it marks an important watershed moment in our society, when the most rarified elements of middle-America social instruction are discussing the merits of boobies.

It makes me proud to be an American.

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