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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slap Kathie Lee Gifford In The Face With A Sex Toy!

This was cute: during one of those painful morning show moments on the Today Show, when the hosts are lamely trying to find something even remotely interesting to keep a decreasing number of eyeballs glued to the set (and Hoda, that hair isn't doing a durn thing to help), Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford were discussing a recently released survey from the fine folks at Adam & Eve Productions, when Mrs. Gifford admitted "I wouldn't know an adult toy if it slapped me in the face". Which explains a lot about her legendary uptightatude, actually -- maybe if she had a Battery Operated Boyfriend she might chill out a little.

In any case, the question occurred: given the opportunity, which sex toy would you prefer to slap Kathie Lee Gifford in the face with? For bonus points, which one would you slap Hoda with? Now please understand that I'm not advocating random violence with marital aids -- far from it -- but if there were ever two old biddies who so painfully and desperately needed contact with a sex toy, I think these two might make the list.

Also, the way Soup (of E!) skewers them is most delicious. Click the link, since I couldn't get their embed to work.


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