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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi, I’m Ian Ironwood, professional writer, author, and all-around Sex Nerd.

What is a sex nerd? Well, there are many kinds of nerds in the world. Where once it was only proper to label a certain type of person a ‘nerd’, with devastating social consequences, in the 21st century the term has come to denote anyone with an obsessive fascination with a particular topic. You can be a nerd about anything, from insurance to science to pop culture.

Me, I’m a Sex Nerd. Actually, I’m THE Sex Nerd.

All things sexual fascinate me, and I’m lucky enough to have a gig that allows me to indulge my interest. I write reviews of porn movies for a couple of places, do a few sex advice columns, and have even penned a book, The Gentleman’s Guide To Picking Up Women, for Adam & Eve.

Now I want to share my nerdy largesse with the world in a more personal and regular way, so I’m starting this blog to discuss the sexually nerdy in life. Thanks for dropping by, and hopefully you’ll be entertained and informed. If not, enjoy your porn.


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