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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fan Contest: Win A Copy of Tomb Raider XXX!

One of my porn-savvy fans clued me into this deal this morning and I felt compelled to share.

Basically, it's a way to win a FREE copy of Tomb Raider XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody and some autographed promotional posters -- and when is high-quality free porn EVER a bad idea? I've checked it out, and it gets my hearty Sex Nerd stamp of whackworthiness. And it has enough of a plot to keep you from fast-forwarding through the non-nekkid parts, and the action sequences are pretty good too . . . for porn.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Male Birth Control: It's Here, And It's A Game Changer

Reposted from The Red Pill Room, my other blog.

Oh, my.

I stumbled across this link today, and after I read it the world wobbled the way it does when my relatively straight-forward idea of how the future is going to play out gets challenged.  Like this.

Quite simply, it is a male birth-control procedure, essentially a temporary (10 years) vasectomy that can be easily and cheaply administered and easily and cheaply removed.

And it's going to change everything.

Most people don't realize just how profound the change was when a large segment of society got access to reliable birth control the first time.  Simply put, this wonderful biochemical gift enabled female hypergamy and plenty of lusty evenings without worrying about the possibility of pregnancy.  That allowed married couples to limit the number of kids they had and devote more resources per capita, thus improving the next generation's socio-economic circumstances.  Or it allowed your wife to go sleep with that dude with the 12" pecker next door and not get knocked up.  Either way, it was an official Game Changer, like industrialization, digital technology, or liberalized divorce laws.

Of course, with the assumption that the woman you were doing was, indeed, on birth control and took it like a responsible adult has led to many unplanned pregnancies.  Indeed, it's always been the ambitious girl's fall-back plan: find some rich dude, fuck him, get pregnant, let him support her and the kid so she doesn't have to work so hard.  Sure, it sounds shallow and conniving, but I've heard plenty of women (and some die-hard feminists -- I shit you not) declare that as their plan.  And with abortion legal, it really puts the male in question in an unenviable and untenable spot.  Sure, a woman has a right to choose to become a parent -- and I'll support that to my dying breath -- but if a dude wanted to skip that part, he was pretty much at the mercy of the mother in question, and had to live with the result of her decision no matter what his opinion was. As a dude, your best cover is a condom, and they are not (as my brother discovered) 100% effective.  Especially not if the woman in question is deceitful enough to "slip one past the goalie".

But no more.

With this procedure, you could get your 15 year old testosterone-poisoned son "temporarily fixed", teach him Game, and turn him loose on the unsuspecting female public with a box of condoms and you don't have to worry about grandchildren until he's 25.  Hilarity ensues.

What happens when every dude in High School is suddenly shooting blanks?  A drop in teenage pregnancy, for certain, but a sharp rise in pump-and-dump spectaculars.  And girls won't even have the pregnancy scare to fall back on.  They're going to have to work and compete for male attention among the boys, who won't be nearly as terrified of sex anymore -- and dudes who know Game will know how to exploit that.

As soon as this clears clinical trials, I'm looking into it for my sons.  If I can get them the HPV vaccine, then this seems a no-brainer.  I want grandkids, of course, but I want them in the proper time when my kids can properly support them.  This way, I can ensure that won't be until they have decent jobs and have played their way through the Puerarchy.

But it's not the teenage girls who are going to have it the worst.  This is going to hit the 30-something-and-only-five-eggs-left women who use one-night-stands as a last-ditch effort to get pregnant.  I know two such who went that route.  In the future, no more.

The other group this will hurt, in the long run, are feminists.  If men can ensure that they are infertile until they desire to have kids, then the onus of reproduction AND relationships suddenly goes back to the male, in a startling shift of power.  You'll see wives begging their husbands to get un-fixed so that they can have a baby, and men deciding to wait until they're ready.  That's going to put some stress on some relationships, of course,  but it's also going to remove the power of women to dictate to men when, where and how they are going to have kids, and who pays for them.  And feminists (at least the current Fourth Wave crop) are going to go fucking bananas about this, when they realize that.

It should be fun to watch.

Monday, March 26, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Ontario's Supreme Court Legalizes Brothels!

CNN has the full scoop here, but it looks like Ottawa might just become a much more appealing convention destination. And I foresee Windsor implementing this ruling in such a way to bring in a lot of day-trippers -- which makes Detroit suddenly more interesting again.

It's never been easier to cheat, folks. I foresee more jurisdictions considering decriminalizing or out-right legalizing prostitution as a tonic for an anemic local economy. The internet has already made it quasi-legal, depending upon jurisdiction. And hook-up culture and Craig's List have blurred the distinction between hardened professional and the thrill-seeking stranger-danger enthusiast. But I see this as a positive thing. With legal -- and presumably well-regulated -- brothels, the underground sex-slave trade variety that everyone despises would go out of business in the face of legitimate competition.

If nothing else, at least these sex-workers will have safer work environments now. That's a good thing any way you look at it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Dear Abby . . . " Gets Larry Flynt's Opinion On Porn. No, Really.

Gotta love this. Dear Abby consults Larry Flynt (!) on an issue of pornology. (NSFW -- duh!)

It was inevitable, as porn goes mainstream, that it would come up in polite conversation, and as arbiter of all things advicey, Dear Abby naturally couldn’t help advise someone who had a porn question.

Basically, it was the typical “Why do men like porn so much?” question women ask, as if there was one right answer. The venerable Mr. Flynt rose about the temptation to make a cheap shot or a joke and gave the industry-respected and approved answer:

Men like porn so much because we like to look at naked chicks (we’re more visually stimulated). Women like written erotica because they like to read about rich, successful vampires/werewolves with giant dicks and billions in the bank – but who only have eyes for the slightly-nerdy-but-irresistible-to-everyone heroine.

Dear Abby deferred to Flynt’s judgment on the matter, as well she should. But it marks an important watershed moment in our society, when the most rarified elements of middle-America social instruction are discussing the merits of boobies.

It makes me proud to be an American.